Although our plastic tube packaging offer is very diverse, there is one aspect that is common for all of them - every plastic tube is made of polyethylene. It is one of the most common polymer produced globally. Statistics suggest that the amount of produced polyethylene exceeds 90 million metric tons a year.

Brief history

Polyethylene was first discovered and manufactured in 1933 in England - the first product was low density polyethylene (LDPE) which was first used in World War II as an insulation for radar cables. In 1963 Karl Ziegler was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry partially for inventing the high density material (HDPE).


As polyethylene can be molded and cast into various shapes, it is widely used in numerous areas. This material is characterized by its strength, stiffness and rather little absorption of water. Polyethylene is resistant against oils, acids and greases. All of those features result in its broad application. It is used for containers, tubes and even sheets for packaging.

It is a part of plastic bottles and polyethylene tubes manufactured by us. Because of its various advantages, it is very beneficial, convenient and useful to use it as a main materials for our products. As a consequence, we can be sure that all of our clients' goods (such as creams, lotions or various foods, such as ketchup or mayonnaise) will be safely stored in our polyethylene tubes.

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