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Polyethylene cosmetic tubes

Being a specialized tube manufacturer of the highest quality polyethylene tubes and eco plastic tubes for the beauty, pharmaceutical and household chemicals industries, we always do our utmost to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Our portfolio includes tubes ranging from 19mm to 50mm diameter complemented by a wide range of closures. Our clients can choose from printed tubes or labelled polyethylene tubes offered in various softness levels.

We are constantly working to offer our customers new products and new possibilities. Among the latest additions to our portfolio are octagonal caps, flip-top closures for Ø25mm tubes and a twist-nozzle cap, which offer new possibilities and make the product stand out on the shelf.

Try our on-line TUBE CREATOR above to create your own tube packaging perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

Why work with us?

MPack Poland has been manufacturing high quality cosmetic plastic tubes for more than 13 years and we can proudly say that we are currently perceived to be among Europe’s leading tube manufacturers. Every day our dedicated team of experts work hard to maintain the highest standards throughout the production process. Our priority is to provide the highest level of professional service that will fully satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Short lead time is definitely one of our competitive advantages and we work hard to keep our promises! Our customers appreciate the fact that we are able to offer not just high quality products and a flexible cooperation approach, but also provide valuable product advice, suggest improvements, or inform on the latest market innovations and developments, helping to make our clients’ products better quality and more attractive to the final consumers. We take pride in the fact that besides delivering a good product, we gain trust and grow to develop long term partnerships and friendships with our clients.

Sugarcane and PCR tubes

polyethylene cosmetic tubesBecause of the growing concern for the environment, and hence a growing demand for environment-friendly packaging, we have introduced tube packaging derived from ecological materials, such as green polyethylene (Sugarcane tubes) and recycled plastic (PCR tubes). These solutions contribute to decreasing the amount of plastic waste and help decrease the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which in turn contributes to fighting the greenhouse effect. It is an ideal alternative to the standard plastic tube packaging, which is appreciated by increasing numbers of consumers who appreciate products friendly to the environment. There are various sizes to choose from, as well as soft, hard and standard blends to make the product attractive to the final users.

Moreover, Sugarcane tubes as well as PCR tubes maintain the same properties as their polyethylene equivalents, which means that there is absolutely no investment needed for the filler, as the same machines can be easily used during the process of filling and sealing the tubes.

MPack Poland sp. z o.o. sp. k.

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