Quality is our priority. In MPack we put significant effort in meeting the most rigorous norms and quality requirements. Our clients can be absolutely certain that their product will be delivered in perfect condition.

Upon client's request, we can attach to an order a quality certificate, approved only after a number of incisive laboratory tests. The precision of our inspections is confirmed by the homologation document. Customers using our services can be fully confident of careful and technical treatment of the product they desire. All parameters and technical tolerances are comprehensibly specified in our official MPack document TTA (Terms of Technical Acceptance).

Tests undertaken by our Quality Control department include (among others):

  • PANTONE colour check inspected by spectrophotometer X-Rite
  • Weld of finished product tested by laboratory equipment
  • Three-tier test of robustness for liquid of density 1 g/cm2
  • Cap-to-tube compatibility control

Our tubes are eco-friendly and fully recyclable. Based on sensory tests carried out by Epidemiological and Sanitary Center in Warsaw, our tubes are allowed for food packaging. Additionally, we are currently in the process of implementing ISO 9001:2009 quality norm.

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