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Polyethylene cosmetic tubes

jasne tuby kosmetyczneMPack is a specialized manufacturer of the highest-quality polyethylene tubes used in beauty, pharmaceutical, food and household chemicals industries. We always do our utmost to meet all, even the most demanding, customer's expectations. Our machinery park is not only state-of-the-art, but also technologically advanced. Our tubes are used by professional European companies. Recently we have broadened the range of our offer of plastic tube packaging with an additional EVOH barrier to extend the shelf life of products. Tubes with the additional EVOH barrier are as easy to recycle as single-layer tubes and are also cost-effective.

We are very flexible and open to any customer's suggestions. Thanks to our on-line Tube Creator, you can create your own plastic packaging tubes that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Our priority is the highest level of professional service that will fully satisfy the customer. As a reputable manufacturer of polyethylene tubes, we guarantee you professional support at every stage of our cooperation.

MPack - our mission

MPack is a company that was established to produce only high quality products. Day-to-day we work as a team to make sure that every single one of our plastic tube is appropriately prepared, safe, resistant and leakproof. Each of our employees is responsible for one of the aspects crucial for maintaining high standards of the whole production process. We always work as a team and we are proud of the results of our cooperation.

There is no room for mistakes, as our polyethylene tubes must always meet even the most demanding needs. This is the reason why we are one of the most reliable tube manufacturers. What is more, because of having complex machinery, MPack is able to provide their clients with detailed, eye-catching prints, so that our cosmetic plastic tubes can easily attract the attention of consumers.

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